Kids notice things. Small things and Big Things. We began with the simple, striking questions of Liam Brosnan, aged 12, a student at Pierson Middle School in Sag Harbor. Liam noticed that some of his classmates didn’t seem to have the basic supplies they needed for school. Or that they seemed rarely to get meals adequate for healthy growth and active learning. Or that they lacked shoes and coats that would keep them warm in Winter. Or that their houses seemed colder than was comfortable for basic homework and family time…

How could this be? How, in an area identified with such great privilege, could friends and neighbors be struggling so mightily to meet the most basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable members?

And what could be done? How can we help? Not across the country, not across the globe, but…Here at Home.

Liam, with some help of his sister, Grace and from friends and family, and from area mentors, has gone to work on a new effort for families struggling with acute financial challenges--the crises that are all too common in the challenging seasonal economy of the East End. Here@Home works to bring the resources and expertise of local businesses and individuals—the time, awareness, money, and expertise—together to make a crucial difference to our neighbors for whom financial strain has become an emergency affecting kids’ futures.

Who we are: Kids and parents, concerned citizens, friends, and neighbors. All united by the blessings of the East End and by the recognition that life can become very hard, very quickly. We’ve banded together to make sure that the kids in our villages are getting what they need to succeed. We’re a certified 501 C 3 charity with deep roots; We’re Here@Home.

What we can offer: Kids’ school and winter clothing; school supplies; nutritional assistance. Grants for heating oil for qualifying area families. Here@Home meets immediate pressing needs for families in demonstrated crisis. We’re here to make sure that the strains of financial upheaval don’t prevent the fundamentals of school and learning.

How we help: Through your support of your friends and neighbors and classmates. Here@Home works with local businesses to secure donations of time, money, goods, and services to our neighbors in crisis.

Outreach and assistance for our neighbors and friends, for the people struggling to make life on the East End work. For the valued—and too often vulnerable—people struggling in the midst of the “plenty” of this…